Curt Todd / Studio M

Studio M is a family-owned home and garden décor company, historically selling B2B to independent gift, garden, hardware and online retailers.

We make what we can domestically (about 60% of our products), and import what we must to be competitive. The company was founded 30 years ago by Curt and Sue Todd.

Working With Eller:

A few years ago we went through a difficult time, as many small business do, struggling to adapt to the evolving retail environment. We engaged Randy to help us analyze our business and identify opportunities to improve.

“His Guidance Was Invaluable”

The Big Benefit:

More than anything else, Randy helped us see that after 30 years we were still operating our business by the “seat of our pants” and we needed to quickly evolve to more common sense data-driven decision making and better financial discipline. We haven’t felt this optimistic about Studio M’s bright future in a decade. His guidance was invaluable and we continue to bring Randy back to St. Louis several times a year.

“The Secret Source”
– Doug & Susan Williams

“A Game Changer”
– Paul DiGiovanni

“An Optimal Outcome”
– Bob Maricich

“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

“Common Sense Answers”
– Kenneth Wasik

“Passion For The
Creative Process”
– Joseph Moore