Herren Hickingbotham – Park Hill Collection

Park Hill Collection is a home furnishings, accent and gift company based in Little Rock, AR.

We have showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas and are best known
for our farmhouse country looks as we expand into additional design collections.

Working With Eller:

Considering Randy’s position in the industry, I’m almost embarrassed to say that I only learned about him a year ago. We were looking for someone to come in and work on our strategic position and help us grow. He worked on every aspect of our company and helped us to re-imagine what we were doing.

“Fine Tuned The Machine”

The Big Benefit:

The vision he brought to the table has enabled us to bring out new collections and go beyond our original look. He fine-tuned the machine and enhanced what we were trying to do. He far exceeded my expectations – and Randy’s too I’d say – and he’s helped make it happen for Park Hill. He’s also such a likeable guy and has become a close friend. We’re signed up to work with him through at least 2021.

“The Secret Source”
– Doug & Susan Williams

“A Game Changer”
– Paul DiGiovanni

“An Optimal Outcome”
– Bob Maricich

“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

“Common Sense Answers”
– Kenneth Wasik

“Passion For The
Creative Process”
– Joseph Moore