Doug & Susan Williams / Kalalou

Doug and Susan Williams are the husband and wife team and sole owners of Kalalou Inc.  We started the wholesale gift and home accessory company to the trade in 1986.

We have four showrooms located in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and High Point.

Working With Eller:

We began working with Randy to improve our business and to get a feel for how we stood in the marketplace.   We continue to have “annual checkups” with Randy to fine tune our well-oiled machine and stay in contact with him throughout the year.

“The Secret Source”

The Big Benefit:

Since we are such a closely held company, we wanted an outsider to come in with a track record of success in our industry and give us their perspective on how we could improve.  Randy’s insights into our industry and practical working knowledge of business in general were eye opening.  He brought so many revelations to us that it is hard to pinpoint one. Early on it was clear that his knowledge of our industry was going to improve our position to the trade.  Our biggest success with Randy has been Kalalou’s development of “The Secret Sauce”, which involves unique strategies in four areas: Pricing, Inventory, Sales Team and Website. Without giving too much away, one or two of his suggestions in each of these areas catapulted our business. These were things that might not have occurred to us, because we could not see the forest for the trees.

We continue to be counseled/coached by Randy on an annual basis. We love his visits and call them the “State of the Union” visits.  Our business has flourished and grown for many years under his guidance…even through some of the toughest economic times of our lifetime.  The 2008-09 economic crisis was our most successful year up to that point and our business continued to grow exponentially after that. And, even today with the pandemic, we are having record sales…all driven by Randy’s mentorship.  We like to say: Randy gave us the secret sauce and we continue to improve and implement this recipe for continued success.

“The Secret Source”
– Doug & Susan Williams

“A Game Changer”
– Paul DiGiovanni

“An Optimal Outcome”
– Bob Maricich

“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

“Common Sense Answers”
– Kenneth Wasik

“Passion For The
Creative Process”
– Joseph Moore