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Home Trends and Designs (HTD) was established in 2005 – 5/5/05 – and is a design, manufacturing and distribution company with an emphasis in organic/natural materials, eco-friendly practices and heirloom construction and finishing techniques.

Working With Eller

Our company is now 15 years old and about ten years ago I contacted Randy to work with us to help us establish a solid sales model. What I ended up getting was not only exactly what I was after but so much more! Randy has contacts throughout the industry meaning he knows everybody and all about this business. Further he has an amazing capacity to visualize ideas and help you bring them to fruition. In the end, his efforts helped us develop not only a good sales platform for the wholesale, but I learned some great ancillary lessons about the best way to build our business.

“A Problem is an Opportunity in Disguise.”

The Big Benefit:

A key aspect of what I learned was that a company that was young and not well known like us at the time should find the “shortest pathway to revenue” and build multiple pathways to revenue. I have used this lesson to great benefit to our company’s performance and especially to its resilience and diversity in sales sources. This is something that is so common sense, but without Randy’s involvement I am sure we would never had made it such a key aspect of how we developed the business. We are a very stable and strong company that has not only survived downturns including the Covid pandemic, but been able to thrive as a result. Randy is always pulling out great euphemisms and one comes to mind here: “A problem is just an opportunity in disguise”. We were able to revamp and reengineer our company immediately at the onset of the pandemic to get things sorted out and under control.

“The Secret Source”
– Doug & Susan Williams

“A Game Changer”
– Paul DiGiovanni

“An Optimal Outcome”
– Bob Maricich

“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

“Common Sense Answers”
– Kenneth Wasik

“Passion For The
Creative Process”
– Joseph Moore