Paul DiGiovanni / CBC Group
President / CEO

CBC Group is the parent organization that encompasses 12 unique brands.

Our corporate office is in Phoenix, AZ with manufacturing, distribution center and call center in Lewisburg, TN.

We have a sourcing office in Hong Kong and information technology employees
in Manila.

Working With Eller:

In the beginning, Randy consulted with us on improving the business in all areas with special emphasis on sales. Although we continue to refine our sales and marketing strategies during every visit, we now spend a good portion of our time with Randy on the acquisition side.

“A Game Changer”

The Big Benefit:

This question brings a smile to my face. Invariably, on every visit, there is some topic or idea that Randy mentions that can be a “game changer” to our business. Clearly some of these ideas need considerable resources and might not be within our reach but the concepts, the vision and the “thinking outside the box” is what we feel is the real value that Randy brings to our firm.

It’s truly impossible to describe the essence of Randy Eller in a few words but Randy uses his 40 years of experience in the industry to challenge our management team to think big while being pragmatic in addition to challenging all sales channels past, present and future.

All businesses need help from accomplished strategists that have the courage to expect teams to accelerate the velocity of change. Randy makes it clear that failure to see business in this light will adversely affect growing your business.

“The Secret Source”
– Doug & Susan Williams

“A Game Changer”
– Paul DiGiovanni

“An Optimal Outcome”
– Bob Maricich

“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

“Common Sense Answers”
– Kenneth Wasik

“Passion For The
Creative Process”
– Joseph Moore