Beatriz Ball / Beatriz Ball New Orleans

Beatriz Ball is devoted to wholesale and retail sales of upscale tabletop items and I am the owner, designer and creative director.

Working With Eller:

Randy Eller is well respected in our industry and has a reputation for being knowledgeable and insightful, so I hired him as a consultant. He visited our New Orleans offices for a couple of days to meet with me and my team to get a first-hand perspective of our company. During that time, he asked good questions, reviewed our company information and made some valuable suggestions.

He also gave us a thorough overview of what the landscape of our industry looked like. Having been involved for many years in many activities and boards in the industry and being in contact with all the players, big and small, he really has a clear “big picture” understanding of what is happening.

He also advised me on some pre-planning and necessary activities for exit strategies. Having very successfully sold his very large company some years ago and having assisted others in doing the same, he has a lot of very valuable and practical advice that is very specific for our industry.

“A Big Picture Understanding”

The Big Benefit:

Randy has participated in literally all aspects of our industry and is familiar with many different companies selling a very wide scope of products. He has seen how the industry has changed through the years and has witnessed successes and failures of many and the reasons for same. Therefore, his opinions come not only from a micro view of my very specific niche, but also a macro view of how the whole industry has evolved and developed.

Due to all of the above, he gave us an incredibly important perspective of our positioning, strengths and weaknesses and provided advice in developing an action plan for growth strategies. It helped us greatly and we acquired really valuable information.

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“A Big Picture Understanding”
–Beatriz Ball

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